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"Life consists of stories"


Storytelling means freedom

as you only need yourself

and the stories.

Storytelling is about mental images and universal

art that is practiced every day.

Ilkka Hautala has organized performances,

and events from 2011 so that the art of wisdom and having fun would prosper.


From animal stories to oratory


Animal stories appeal to children and adults. Oratorial skills have been taught using them from ancient times. These days they work specifically in children's culture as pedagogical tools and entertaining material.

The performance is 30-40 minutes long and contains tales and songs from different cultures.

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Sauna is a cornerstone of the Finnish culture and this performance happens in that holiest place.

The performance consist of elemental origin poems and historical stories about sauna and how it has molded the Finnish culture and mentalilty.

Duration 1h


The performance is a conversation between the performer and his subconscious mind through a cassette player.

The theme of the performance is about the weaknesses in human character in comparison with the catastrophes we are witnessing around and between us.

The audience will be presented with some choices throughout the play on what they will hear and see in the performance.

Script: Ilkka Hautala
Director: Liila Jokelin

Duration 35-40 min


Karhu is a musical storytelling performance about the mythology of the bear and the beliefs that have been associated to this great beast by the northern people.

The performance also talks about the fears related to this topic. Why does this animal evoke such fear that it penetrates even to the sleeping mind? Why have the people before us tried to conquer the animal and did they have a better relationship to nature because of this?

The story is told by Ilkka Hautala and the music is performed by Liila Jokelin.

The duration of the show is 30 min.


Jää sulaa! Was originally made for The World Village festival in 2018. The show was ordered by Kulturkontakt Nord and inspired by the Agenda 2030.

Jää sulaa! is many things in one package: Ice building workshop, participatory theatre/storytelling performance, and a musical workshop for children.


Stories will be heard from nordic cultures, of ice, water and the spirits of nature. The children can participate by making musical atmospheres for the stories and figuring out solutions for ecological problems while making an ice castle.

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