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The Shouting Man®

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The Shouting Man is a performance character born out of authentic frustration. He encourages people to shout out their emotions in a healthy manner.

The Shouting man does performances, activism videos, workshops and he has performed in numerous medias throughout the years. You can order a workshop from The Shouting Man for example to your workplace.


Shouting live

A shouting performance using live streaming platforms. First piece was bought by the Tax office in Finland to an online festival. The idea of the performance is to shout out all the comments written in the livestream in a public place.

Clearcuttings to history

The Shouting Man did an activism video with greenpeace on the topic of stopping clearcutting. The video spread like wildfire and helped to make the whole campaign a success.


In the beginning of 2019 The Shouting Man was informed about the bad situation of the Finnish mining law and the bill for the parliament to change it. The Shouting Man got to work and made the above video. The results of the video can be seen in the chart left to it. The bill went through to the parliament but still alot needs to be done.

In April 2016 The Shouting Man wound up to a live broadcast due to his five part television show on Yle where he coached people to shout out their frustrations in a very Finnish way. Program published in Yle-Areena:

Shouting workshops


An example of a workshop that can be arranged to communities or workplaces. This is the end product which was made with the journalists of Helsingin Sanomat, assessing their specific work pressures.

Performance videos


This is the first sold product of The Shouting Man! It was published in 2015, in Ice.Hole - Thel live art Journal online magazine which concentrates on performance art.

Book a performance or training

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